Thursday, September 11, 2008


In these places of comfort and tranquility sometimes I find myself wanting to stay here and realize that it too is a distraction even though it feels good. I go. I travel along ever more confusing and labyrinthine freeways, I wind my way thru to the center, there I am destined. I come to long lines, I must wait for hours on cue and wait my turn. Here I am harangued and badgered by more stuff, new stuff, stuff that I had never even experienced up to this point. I center myself, I try not to get distracted and forget. I can’t forget cause if I forget it’s all over for me. So I wait. It’s alright. I have done it before and I remember. Don’t forget. That is always the sure way to trouble. Forgetting. I become familiar with some of the others and I establish alliances with them to help me remember, and I in turn help them to remember. I have close friends with whom I take comfort in sitting and discoursing for many years. There are others who occasionally prick my interest and then find that later on they prick my nerves and cause me to forget my original intention and

I travel by boat, other times by air and still other times on the wings of electricity. Infinities come by unseen forces and yet there are times even still, there are times of forgetting, long times.

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